The implementation of political intersectionality in the case of LGBT policies in Catalonia

Authors: Gerard Coll-Planas, Marta Cruells
Location: Spanish Journal of Political Science, ISSN 1575-6548, Nº 31, 2013, p. 153-172
Spanish Language

In the framework of academic discussion, it is emerging the necessity to deal with the interaction between different inequalities in the public policy’s design and implementation, being the intersectional approach a very interesting theoretical proposal. It has been detected, however, that more empiric analysis are needed in order to prove the obstacles and advances found in the public policies to implement the intersectionality between different inequalities. In this article, we analyze recent LGTB equality policies, study in the Catalan case in particular, to see how they conceive the relationship between inequalities, and to detect which are the main factors that interfere in the implementation of a intersectional model.

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