To whom it may concern,

The intersectional perspective is an interesting proposal for local administrations because it serves to provide a more global and comprehensive response to the junctions between different axes of inequality such as gender, ethnicity, age, social class, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity. Despite its potential, there is still very little experience of its implementation from local administrations.

For this reason, the project “Igualtats Connectades: Intersectionality in Local Public Policies” wants to explore the possibilities of putting the intersectional perspective into practice in municipal actions and create tools that allow the transfer of experience to other administrations and European contexts.

With this objective, within the framework of the project, co-financed by the European Commission, driven by the Terrassa City Council and with participation from the UVic-UCC and CEPS Projectes Socials, we are putting together a collection of intersectional experiences that have been carried out by the city councils These examples will serve as a reference for other cities and will contribute to the knowledge generation and learning process that will culminate with a European congress in February 2019 (for more information about the project look at

In particular, we are seeking experiences that have worked on the intersection between different axes of inequality, either in the diagnosis or evaluation, in participation spaces that include social actors from different areas or in the design of programs and actions that make an explicit effort to include social groups that are at the intersection of different axes. An example would be a diagnosis about employment that takes into account ethnicity, gender identity and age; or an action against bullying that tackles jointly discriminations on the grounds of LGBTI, ethnicity and religious diversity.

The experiences can be sent to us through the file below. By clicking on the link, you can access the following documents: the form in Catalan and in Spanish and the same form in its on-line format (in English, Spanish and Catalan). Should you have any doubts about the form or the projects, please contact us at the following email address:

Gerard Coll-Planas, Roser Solà-Morales & Miquel Missé 

Line of studies in sexual diversity and gender 

University of Vic –Central University of Catalonia