Presentation of the Toolkit

One of the results of the Igualtatsconnect project is the toolkit, called “How to incorporate intersectionality into local policies”.

After 18 months project, this tool collects in an organized way the Igualtatsconnect project and the following elements:

  • outline of the conceptual part of the Toolkit
  • key concepts related to intersectionality in public policies,
  • different ways of addressing inequalities
  • debates related to intersectionality
  • elements that could facilitate intersectionality application
  • applying the concept of intersectionality and presenting proposals for application in everyday practice
  • Challenges of intersectionality

The toolkit will be presented on Friday 13th June 2019, at 18h in the Vapor Universitari de Terrassa. There will also be a a theatrical performance by actress Silvia Albert Sopale.
The presentation is free, but it is necessary to register in advance here.