Interconnected Equalities: Intersection with Local Public Policies

On Thursday, May 3rd, the project “Interconnected Equalities: Intersection with Local Public Policies” was presented at the conference “Intersecting Public Policies LGTBI”. The event took place within the framework of the second meeting of the project “Intersectionality in metropolitan LGBTI policies”, promoted by the World Association of Large Metropolises and in which the cities of Montevideo, Medellin, Mexico City, Berlin, Buenos Aires and Barcelona participate.
The objective of the project, which will end in June 2019, is to produce common knowledge to incorporate the intersectional perspective in local policies for the full inclusion of LGTBI people. The meeting in Barcelona has allowed to open a space for reflection on the concept of intersectionality and to share experiences of applying this perspective in local LGTBI public policies.