In the framework of the “Connected Equalities. Intersectionality in public policies” project, a cycle of training sessions on intersectionality in the city will take place. You can check the program here.

Intersectionality allows us to understand people as a whole. Gender, sexuality, age, origin, abilities, etc. they are axes that can involve difficulties or discriminations in certain situations. These axes are interconnected and can not be addressed separately.

The cycle is aimed at professionals working in the field of equality policies, people from entities, companies and other administrations that are interested in the subject, as well as the general public.

The cycle consists of five sessions and has specialist speakers with a wide and recognized track record. Each session will deal with an aspect related to the subject and the complete cycle will provide a global and applicable vision of intersectionality. Therefore, registration is recommended for the entire cycle. If this is not possible, registration can be made for specific sessions. People who attend a minimum of four sessions will obtain a certificate.

All sessions will be held in the Auditorium of the Vapor Universitari in Terrassa (Colom, 114). The space is physically accessible for people with reduced mobility and it has a magnetic loop. In case any other accessibility service is required, it must be indicated on the registration form.

In addition, in order to facilitate the participation of people with dependent minors, it will be possible to have a childcare service, which must also be previously requested in the registration form.

The workshops are free but prior registration is required through the following online form.