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“Intersectionality in Social Movements: Experiences and Challenges.” Second workshop of the Cycle on Intersectionality in the City.

Sam Fernandez Garrido is a researcher and trainer in gender, diversity and health/ discomfort / attention processes. She is currently developing her research on the role of gender and emotions in the Spanish Intersexual Clinic, and will be responsible for carrying out the “Intersectionality workshop social movements: experiences and challenges” which is the second to be carried out within the Cycle on Intersectionality in the City.

This session raises how intersectional logic emerges from social movements and how the intersectional perspective can provide tools to these movements. The workshop proposes to give an example of concrete experiences of dialogue between social movements and local administrations that have incorporated an intersectional perspective. The concept of  intersectionality proposed in this session is adressed from the dilemmas and challenges in our context and identifying countergeographies by citizens and based on the countergeographies in the city of Madrid from three examples to think about the relationship with social movements.

Below you can find some reference articles about the next session:
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Remember that the video record of the session will be uploaded soon on the web.

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