The first session of the Cycle on Intersectionality in the City is here!

To start this cycle we will have the participation of Lucas Platero who is PhD in Political Science and Psychology. His lines of work include: non-normative sexuality, the intersections of different forms of exclusion and transformative pedagogy. His publications include the following books: “Intersecciones. Cuerpos y sexualidades en un callejón sin salida”,”Trans* exualidades”,”Por un Chato de Vino” and “Barbarismos queer”. He currently directs a line on Trans Studies at Ediciones Bellaterra.

The workshop “Intersectionality. What is it and how can we put it into practice?” will be held on September 26 to introduce the concept of intersectionality and generate a reflection on how can this concept be applicable to public policies. Besides, it will be addressed the axis of functional diversity to give an example of the interventions that incorporate an intersectional perspective achieving a space of theoretical and knowledge, dynamics and group work and a general sharing.

Below you can find some reference articles about the next session:

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Remember that the video record of the session will be uploaded soon on the web.

Come and participate!