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In the framework of the “Connected Equalities. Intersectionality in public policies” project, a cycle of training sessions on intersectionality in the city will take place.
The intersectionality allows us to understand people as a whole. Gender, sexuality, age, origin, abilities, etc. they are axes that can involve difficulties or discriminations in certain situations. These axes are interconnected and can not be addressed separately.
The cycle is aimed at professionals working in the field of equality policies, people from entities, companies and other administrations that are interested in the subject, as well as the general public.

The programmed workshops are:

Workshop 1: September 28, 2018
Intersectionality: What is it and how can we put it into practice?
Speaker: Lucas Platero

Workshop 2: 3 d’octubre de 2018
Intersectionality in social movements: experiences and challenge
Speaker: Sam Fernández

Workshop 3: 17 d’octubre de 2018
To be (or not to be) an island. How to make intersectionality a community methodology
Speaker: Desiré Rodrigo

Workshop 4: 7 de novembre de 2018
Intersectional perspective for social intervention
Speaker: Marisela Montenegro

Workshop 5: 28 de novembre de 2018
Debates and challenges in the application of intersectionality at the local level
Speaker: Gerard Coll-Planas, Miquel Missé and Roser Solà-Morales

The workshops are free but prior registration is required, you will find all the information here.